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Would you know what to do to save a life?

At Get Certified CPR we like to think we stand out as
a one of a kind CPR business because of our personal touch. The instructor will provide personal attention to each person within its classes. In a time and day where customer service and prompt call backs seem like a thing of the past, you will be delightfully surprised by our company! You will never be passed off to someone else you are unfamiliar with. We will stick with you from the time you first call us to the reminder call 2 years later when you are due for renewal.

Get Certified CPR prides its self on teaching you in a timely, efficient manner while still being very thorough so that you leave our class with not only a certification, but with a sense of comfort in understanding as well as confidence to perform CPR in an emergency situation if needed. We offer onsite (we teach you in one of our 2 locations listed at the top of the page) training, or offsite (we will come to your desired location if you have a group of at least 6 or more)training. We feel at Get Certified CPR that learning CPR does NOT have to be a boring, mundane experience. In fact we find that our students
do a better job retaining the information when they have fun learning it!! We look forward to meeting you and certifying your group someday soon!!!

American Heart Association


Did you Know...
If an AED is applied within 2 minutes
of collapse...90% chance of survival.

If an AED is applied within
3 minutes... 74% chance.

The chances of surviving a cardiac arrest with no help...5%.

The heart and brain die in 4-6 min. w/out oxygen. Average response time for EMS is 6-12 minutes, waiting for paramedics is not enough!



Certification Details
• Certification cards are valid for 2 yrs.

• Cash, Business and Personnel
Check are accepted.

• Reservations are required.

PLEASE NOTE: Cash and company checks are accepted. Discounts are available to groups of 6 or more, and are subject to loss if your entire group does not attend the day the class is scheduled. We ask that you please be courteous as we build our class schedules around classes that you book, therefore please be on time and call in advance to notify us with any changes in your class roster or if you are unable to attend the class you signed up for.